The Rubisadt Foundation was born out of the vision of Dr. Florence Tobo Lobé, a native Cameroonian who, following her phD work at the University of Paris-Sud (ORSAY), worked as a professor in Chemistry at the University of Yaoundé. During this time, she observed not only a disparity between the number of women in comparison to men in different STI (science, technology, and innovation) fields, but also saw many young women drop out of secondary school due to financial, social, or cultural pressures. These observations led to a passion for creating a sense of self-confidence and social responsibility in young girls to show them how they can personally impact the Cameroonian community. Out of this vision came the Rubisadt Foundation in 1999.

Though it initially started with just Dr. Tobo Lobé, the Foundation has since grown to a small staff that is continually motivated by its mission. In response to local need, the Rubisadt Foundation has had a remarkable track record in preparing girls for university education and careers in science and technology. In the past 16 years, over 700 hundreds girls have received successful tutorials providing supplementary training in mathematics, physics, chemistry, life and computer science, and micro science lab sessions. Additionally, these girls have benefitted from psychological support, intercultural retreats, and firm visits. The Foundation has held over 40 conferences, provided over 200 scholarships for girls’ school fees to the CESC, formed 100 fellowships for educators, and hosted over 100 educative talks on HIV, sustainability, and citizenship. We now look forward to continuing our impact on the community through additional partnerships with various enterprises, the construction of a new secondary school, and the expansion of our summer camp.

If you are interested in partnering with the Foundation in the future and becoming a part of this impactful organization, please visit our Support Us page.